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1. Options for managing your Petfinder Home Page

2. Simple Set-up

3. Advanced Set-up

4. Feature a Pet Photo on a Website

5. Using an FTP account

6. Creating a Unique URL


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1. Options for managing your Petfinder Home Page

A Petfinder Home Page (your own website on Petfinder) comes with your Petfinder Account.  Potential adopters can access your Petfinder Home Page by clicking on your group’s name in a pet or shelter search or by entering in the URL.  You have two options for managing your Petfinder Home Page.

You can view your current Petfinder home page by going to: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/SHELTERID.html

Just replace SHELTERID with your group’s Petfinder Shelter ID.  Please note that the shelter ID’s letters must be capitalized:  NJ01, BC02  For an easier to find URL, visit Creating a Unique URL

2. Simple Set-up

This easy to use, fill-in-the blanks system is a quick way to a great looking and informative home page.  No technological skills needed!

Your home page will be automatically populated with your Public Info from the Organization Info section of your account.

In each box on the Simple Set-up page, you can add information about your organization.  No HTML is required, just type out the text you would like it to appear on the page.

You can use the icons at the bottom of each box to further customize your text with bold, underline or italicized characters and more.

To upload your organization’s logo, use the Add Logo button toward the bottom of the page and select your logo from a file on your computer.  Please note that your logo must be 8MB or less in size.  For help re-sizing your logo, please visit our Photo help page.

You can select additional information to appear on your Petfinder Home Page under “Promote Animals and Events”.  Check the boxes to show off your adoptable pets, happy tails (adopted pets) and upcoming events right on your Petfinder Home Page.

You can take a sneak peak at how your changes will look as you work by clicking the “Preview” button at the bottom.

Please note that you need to click “SAVE” for your changes to take effect on your home page.

3. Advanced Set-up

For individuals with some HTML knowledge, the Advanced Set-up tab offers an HTML editor box allowing you to customize your home page even further.

Please note that saving any changes under Advanced Set-up will override your existing home page and any data entered under Simple Set-up will be lost.

If you have a pre-built web page with HTML code ready to go, you can paste that code right into the HTML Editor.

For assistance using basic HTML codes, click here for a helpful guide.

You can take a sneak peak at how your changes will look as your work by clicking the Preview button at the bottom.

Clicking on the “Cancel” button will not save any changes that you’ve just made to your page.

Please note that you need to click SAVE for your changes to take effect on your home page. It will take ONE HOUR for your changes to appear on your home page.

If the Advanced Set-up is more technology than you can comfortably handle, please use the Simple Set-up, which was designed to save you time.

4. Feature a Pet Photo on a Website

The way to feature a Petfinder pet photo on a web page is about to change. This affects all members, but specifically if you have pet photos displayed on your Petfinder home page using Advanced Set-up, or have pet photos displayed on your web pages outside of Petfinder. Don’t worry! We’re going to update all photos on Petfinder home pages for you, show you how to update them on pages outside of Petfinder, and show you how to properly feature them from now on.

Note: this will not affect any Featured Pet Modules, only individual images to which you have directly linked.

To put it most simply, in the past, the direct way to link to a pet photo would have been (or similar variation): http://photocache.petfinder.com/fotos/NJ94/NJ94.12345678-1-x.jpg

Now, this is the direct way to link to a pet photo:

Smallest Size Photo:


Small Size Photo:


Medium Size Photo:


Large Size Photo:


Largest Size Photo:


In the examples above…

US = Group’s country prefix

NJ = Group’s shelter ID state prefix

NJ94 = Group’s full shelter ID

12345678 = Petfinder animal ID#

1 = Photo slot #1

So, if your shelter ID was CA1750, you had an animal with Petfinder ID# 34567890, and you wanted to link to the pet’s large sized photo, the link would become:


Note how NJ changed to CA, NJ94 changed to CA1750, and 12345678 changed to 34567890. Just follow that example and you’ll be able to link to any pet photo.

For groups that know how to manually enter “HTML code” in your group’s “home page manager” area, your Petfinder FTP area, or on web pages outside of Petfinder, here’s an example of what you’ll now be using:

<a href=”http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/34567890″>
<img src=”http://photos.petfinder.com/photos/US/CA/CA1750/34567890/CA1750.34567890-1-pn.jpg”><br>
Click to see our featured pet… Checkers!</a><br><br>

This will produce a clickable link to Petfinder ID# 34567890, with the clickable sentence “Click to see our featured pet… Checkers!” located directly under the photo. You can change the clickable sentence to anything you’d like.

To summarize, if the only place you have “featured pet” photos is on your Petfinder home page (or Petfinder FTP page), we are going to update your links for you. Just take note of the format to link to them from now on as you are required to use this new method.

For all pages outside of Petfinder (such as your organization’s own web page), you will need to make these updates as we don’t have access to change those pages.

If you have trouble making links going forward, or have trouble updating links on a page outside of Petfinder, feel free to send us the address of the web page in question, and mention the ID# of the pet photo that you want to display. We’ll show you exactly what do using the examples above.

5. Using an FTP account

Petfinder can help you expand your website.

Get an expanded home page!

Are you interested in a larger Web site than the one-page Petfinder home page you currently have?

Petfinder will host a 40Mb site for your shelter. You can use the extra space for additional pages and pictures (including logos, staff pictures, and adoption applications), all of which can be linked with your current home page. You will still update your pet list and edit your main home page in the same way you always have. The rest of your site must be created, uploaded, and linked by you, manually, using FTP (file transfer protocol).

Who can get an expanded home page?

This service is available to any member who is familiar with FTP and HTML (hypertext markup language) or willing to learn them on their own.

FTP is a simple procedure for transferring files from one place to another. HTML is the code in Web pages that tells the browser how to display information on the page. There are many places online that explain how to use HTML and FTP. There are even free or shareware programs to use and make the process easier. We encourage you to give it a try!

As with everything on the Petfinder site, we will do our best to provide answers to technical questions and point you in the right direction with design help. We also offer a unique address service to make your page easy to find. Unfortunately we do not offer Web creation or design service.

Web site hosting for your organization.

Read more about FTP programs.

6. Creating a Unique URL

A unique address is a way for you to have a more personal address for your home page than the one assigned when you joined. Without a unique address, your home page address looks something like: www.petfinder.org/shelters/NJ19.html. With a Unique Address, you choose an address you like, for example: noahsark.petfinder.org.

A Unique Address lets potential adopters remember your Web address without writing it down and allows them to get there more easily. When typing in the address, the usual www. at the beginning of the address does not need to be used (but just in case it is, the address will still work). When you get a Unique Address, your original address will still work just as it always has, so you don’t need to worry about people who know you by your old address.

A request for a Unique Address must be made by one of the people listed as a contact in your Admin ‘Shelter Info’ section. Please be sure that this request has not already been made by someone else in your organization.

Unique Address Request Submission

Petfinder.com Unique Address Request Submission

Unique names take the form: uniquename.petfinder.com (example: noahsark.petfinder.com). Try to keep
it as short as possible so people can remember it easily. Addresses can contain only lowercase
letters, numbers and the dash (-). Capital letters, spaces, underlines and any other characters
are NOT allowed. Do not include the http:// or www. in your choices. You MUST list three different choices in case names are already in use.

You will receive an email when the name has been created.

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