We’re proud to have partnered with PetFirst to give memebrs the chance to offer adoption insurance to their adopters. PetFirst’s adoption insurance is designed to fit seamlessly into your adoption process. Let  us walk you through how easy it is to offer your adopters and how easy it is for them to use.

Offering Adoption Insurance to Adopters

STEP 1: Hand out leaflets to adopters
Marketing materials can be ordered from PetFirst by emailing reorder@petfirst.com or by
calling 877-291-7387.

STEP 2: Adopter calls or goes online
An adopter can sign up online at www.petfirst.com/petfinder or by calling 877-291-7387. There are special offers and discounts available for adopters.

STEP 3: Policy is active
Coverage begins at 12:01 EST following the activation of the policy.

How Pet Insurance Works

Take pet to the vet

STEP 2: Pay the veterinarian

STEP 3: Send in claim to PetFirst
Includes completed claim form, invoice and vet records

STEP 4: Receive reimbursement
PetFirst processes claims in about two weeks


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Contact Information

Chelsea Mull, PetFirst Senior Account Executive  |  cmull@petfirst.com  |  812-206-6979

Petfinder Shelter Outreach Team | outreach@petfinder.com