Animal Shelter Nutrition 101

Animal Shelter Nutrition 101

Animal Shelter Nutrition 101

Providing high-quality nutrition is important throughout a pet’s life but can be especially helpful as he or she is looking for their forever home. Less GI upset makes day-to-day care easier, a healthy skin and coat means less stress for your adoptable pets and, of course, good nutrition helps pets look and feel their best, which can help increase overall adoptions.

Adoptable dog on a leash

Nutrition Matters

Proper nutrition does more than just fill your adoptable pets’ bellies. It helps support:

            • Healthy Skin & Coat
            • Dental Health
            • Energy
            • Muscle Development
            • Healthy Weight Management
            • Digestive & Urinary Health
            • And More


Adoptable dog going for a walk outsideConsistency is King

Variety may be the spice of life, but when it comes to the adoptable pets in your shelter or rescue group, life is better for everyone when the nutrition you provide is consistent. Inconsistent nutrition can lead to stomach upset for the pet and time-consuming cleanup for staff. Nutritional consistency helps deliver:

  • A Healthy Digestive Tract, Which Leads to Easier Cleanup
  • A Decrease in the Chances of Digestive Upset
  • Less Stress for Your Adoptable Pets
  • A Simplified Feeding Routine for Your Staff


What Does “Healthy” Look Like?

Telling the difference between a healthy body condition and an unhealthy one can sometimes seem like more art than science. Use these printable body condition charts to help your staff quickly and effectively evaluate the pets in your care.

Canine Body Condition ChartFeline Body Condition Chart


Digestive Upset Happens — FortiFlora® Can Help

The #1 probiotic brand recommended by veterinarians*, FortiFlora® can help support the GI health of your adoptable pets. So, your staff can spend less time cleaning up, and your pets can spend more time looking and feeling their best for potential adopters.
* Kynetec, Probiotic Recommendation Study, March 2019

FortiFlora ProductsFortiFlora supports a strong immune system and promotes intestinal health and balance, which can help ease GI upset during:

  • Times of stress, including entering a shelter and transition to a new home
  • Changes in diet
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Consumption of inappropriate foods
  • Occurrences of soft stool, especially in puppies and kittens

FortiFlora has a great taste and can be easily poured onto pet food. It is also available in an easy-to-feed chewable tablet for dogs.

Not sure if your adoptable pet needs FortiFlora? This Fecal Scoring Chart can help. Pets with a fecal score of 4 or higher may be experiencing diarrhea.

Assorted Purina Dog and Cat Food
Help Your Adopters Find the Perfect Food for Their Pets

In a few simple steps, the Purina Pet Food Finder can help pinpoint the best food for your adopter’s new pet. It’s the free and easy way to offer your adopters a personalized food recommendation and a customized feeding guide as they start their journey with their pet.

Add a new tool to your adoption counselor’s belt with the Purina Pet Food Finder.

Learn more about how Purina enriches the lives of pets and the people who love them.