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  • Lizzy is a healthy, adoptable cat from Happy Cats Haven in Colorado Springs, CO

    May 31 , 2013

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    Ringworm in shelters and rescues

    In many shelters and rescues, there is a constant battle against a potential ringworm invasion. Dr. Karen Dashfield, one of the speakers for Petfinder’s popular traveling Adoption Options seminars, lectured on this and other diseases recently in New Jersey. Dr. Dashfield stressed that the first step to winning the battle is recognizing ringworm in the first place. Unless it is …

  • May 30 , 2013

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    Outreach question of the week

    Once each week we will feature a common question we receive in our email inbox that we feel would be of interest to all members. “I have moved but I can’t change my city and zip code inside my account. It is grayed out. Why is that, and can you help?” The Petfinder search engine is ordered in part …

  • Bogart

    May 28 , 2013

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    Great Pet Pic: Black Cats

    Black cats can sometimes be more difficult to adopt out. There are a number of theories as to why this is, but one reason may be the difficulty in photographing a black cat. The dark color can sometimes hide the features of a cat, especially in his or her face, and an image with high contrast can wash these out …

  • May 23 , 2013

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    Kennel enrichment tips for dogs

    Kenneled dogs tend to have a lot of energy and not many options on how to release that energy. Walks, runs and play groups are wonderful options for dogs, but if it isn’t feasible to supply each dog in your care with enough physical activity every day, there are other options to give them mental stimulation, which also tires them …

  • Bernadette's Headshot

    May 22 , 2013

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    Great Pet Pic: Headshots

    There is a reason why the headshot is a standard on the actor and actresses’s resume. A good headshot can sell an actor and can quickly reveal who you are. A good pet headshot can get a pet adopted. There’s certainly many ways to take great headshots. Bernadette here is from Heartland Cats in Omaha, NE. I like this series of pet …

  • Jolly

    May 22 , 2013

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    Meet Jolly the Thundershirt Dog!

    I’m pleased to introduce you to Jolly, who is our official Thundershirt dog! If you are unfamiliar with Thundershirts, they are a great, all natural way to help alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs (and now cats!). Jolly travels all around the country with us to our Adoption Options. Adoption Options are super fun and informative one day conferences, that …

  • Site Traffic

    May 20 , 2013

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    Petfinder Monday Update

    Hello Petfinder members, We are closely following the news in all tornado-affected areas of the Midwest.  With phone calls and emails, the Petfinder Outreach team is reaching out to members in Texas and Oklahoma.  If you know of a group in need, please have them them contact us at or let us know where we can reach them.  There …

  • May 15 , 2013

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    Quick ideas for enrichment

    Ensuring your adoptable pets have proper enrichment and stimulation can significantly reduce the stress and boredom of kenneled life. This not only improves the quality of life for these animals, but they are also more likely to present themselves better to the public. It may seem very simple, but adding elevated spaces to your cattery for cats to perch on …