Great Pet Pic: Headshots

by Jim Chesters

There is a reason why the headshot is a standard on the actor and actresses’s resume. A good headshot can sell an actor and can quickly reveal who you are. A good pet headshot can get a pet adopted.

Bernadette's Headshot

There’s certainly many ways to take great headshots. Bernadette here is from Heartland Cats in Omaha, NE. I like this series of pet headshots they are using on their cats because they have a fun, school-portrait quality to them. Bernadette is the confident valedictorian for sure.

I can just picture them all in line getting their hair combed waiting for their turn. This is a yearbook I’d like to have!

Check out Bernadette here.


Great Pet Pics is a weekly blog post where we highlight excellent pet photographs from Petfinder members to both share their beauty and to help teach and inspire members to take the best photos they can. For more info on taking great pet pics see our photography section


This is Titti. She’s on the yearbook team.