Great Pet Pic: Black Cats

by Jim Chesters

Black cats can sometimes be more difficult to adopt out. There are a number of theories as to why this is, but one reason may be the difficulty in photographing a black cat.


The dark color can sometimes hide the features of a cat, especially in his or her face, and an image with high contrast can wash these out further. In addition, any movement blur or low lighting can wipe away any details or texture and the end result can be a lower quality, unremarkable photo. Too much lighting, or light coming in from the wrong angle, can play other tricks with the black cat’s features as well.

But you can take great  black cat photos! Take Bogart here from Infinite Hope in Brooklyn, NY. Bogart’s face is well lit from the front, and he’s placed against a nice clean background to give a natural contrast without distracting from any of his texture. You can see the light reflected in his eyes to help bring out those important features (which also gives you a good sense of where the source is coming from in setting up your own shots)

Bogart 2

“Make with the food.”

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