How often are your pets viewed?

by Jim Chesters

You work hard to take care of the pets in your care, but always make sure to spend the time making sure they are all listed on Petfinder. But you have likely wondered at those times you are most busy, how often do your pets really get viewed by people? Do you try new tricks in pet descriptions to try to draw attention to your pets? Have you started following our tips for taking better photos and want to see how your work is paying off?

Well did you know you can actually see specific statistics on how often each pet is viewed?

The ‘Pet List Activity‘ page can give you data on your total pet views, views in the last 7 days, and even the number of times each pet is viewed on any specific day. Just enter your shelterID at the ‘stats’ page and you will find quite a bit of information on all your pet views, sorted by month and even by day, going back several years.