Meet Jolly the Thundershirt Dog!

by Melissa Vecera

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I’m pleased to introduce you to Jolly, who is our official Thundershirt dog! If you are unfamiliar with Thundershirts, they are a great, all natural way to help alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs (and now cats!).


Jolly visited the Lubbock police!

Jolly travels all around the country with us to our Adoption Options. Adoption Options are super fun and informative one day conferences, that are only $10 for Petfinder members to attend. We bring nationally known speakers to communities all over the country, so that more people can have access to this valuable, lifesaving information.

We figured that Jolly has a pretty great life being able to travel around the U.S. and meet our wonderful members, so we wanted to document his journey in 2013 by taking his picture in every city he visits. So far he has been to five out of twenty five of our Adoption Options. His picture in this post is the first city we visited this year, Lubbock, TX. Stay tuned for more of Jolly’s adventures, and look for him in a city near you soon!

PS – Jolly was named after Paul Jolly, the former Executive Director of Petco Foundation. Paul has made such a difference in the animal welfare world (not to mention Petco Foundation is our Adoption Options sponsor!) and we wanted to name our dog Jolly to honor Paul.