Outreach Mail question of the week

by Susan Greene

Once each week we will feature a common or interesting question we receive in our Outreach@Petfinder.com email inbox that we feel would be of interest to all members.

We frequently receive inquiries from members about the pet-view access report found at the bottom of the member Weekly Report and Stats. The Weekly Report is emailed to all members who are listed as Contacts in a Petfinder member account.

To: Petfinder_Outreach
Subject: Re: Petfinder Weekly Report and Stats
How come I see statistics on dogs who have long been adopted???
Some of them have been viewed just once, etc.

A snippet from a weekly access report

“Hi Judy,

Thanks for writing. If people view a pet’s profile and save the pet’s public web address to share, or if they adopt a pet and post the web address to her pet profile on a blog, Facebook page, etc., or send to friends to view, the pet’s profile can still be visited even if the status has been changed from Adoptable to Adopted. If you have a Happy Tails (your adopted pets) link on your Petfinder home page, visitors can also see your adopted pets there. These views will be reflected on your Weekly Stats.

More detailed stat information is available here:  http://stats.petfinder.org/index.cgi

Please let us know if you have additional questions and good luck with your adoptions!”

Remember, your Adopted pets are great ambassadors for your pets who still need homes! People who curiously visit the profile of an Adopted pet can then click on the name of your organization to visit your Petfinder home page and see the rest of your pets for adoption! When you change a pet’s status from “Adoptable” to “Adopted,” the heading on their public pet profile is changed to “Adopted” as well. However, should a Petfinder visitor mistakenly inquire to adopt a pet who has already found a home, don’t let that opportunity pass by. Suggest to them that “while Tinker is already adopted as noted on her pet profile, Duncan is a great cat with a similar personality who you might love to meet!” and include the adoptable pet’s profile link.

Have a great week with many successful adoptions!

Susan Greene, Shelter Outreach Specialist

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