Outreach question of the week

by Susan Greene

Once each week we will feature a common question we receive in our Outreach@Petfinder.com email inbox that we feel would be of interest to all members.

“I have moved but I can’t change my city and zip code inside my account. It is grayed out. Why is that, and can you help?”

The Petfinder search engine is ordered in part by city and zip code. When an organization changes cities, it is important for us to have accurate information on file and to be as certain as possible that the person requesting the change is authorized to do so. You will note in your account that there is a link under the the Zip/Postal Code field to “Contact Us to change City, State, Country, and/or Zip/Postal Code.”  When you click the link, you can email Outreach@Petfinder.com immediately for assistance.

We will check the physical mailing address in your account. If it does not yet match the change you have requested by email, we will ask you to log in and enter your updated physical address and then to let us know when that is completed. We will then update your public address in our search engine.

When the physical (street) address is different from the public address — for example, when the public address is a Post Office box with a different zip code from your private street address–we may ask for confirmation by your organization’s Petfinder primary contact person.