Great Pet Pic: Photo Stitching

by Jim Chesters

This Great Pet Pic should be subtitled “Making the most of your space.”


No doubt Zora here from Detroit Dog Rescue photographs real well: she’s got a big happy face, she’s well lit and looks like she’s just waiting for you to invite her up on to the couch. But Detroit Dog Rescue does something else cool here. They turned one photo into three.

When listing your pets online it can be a challenge to select that perfect first picture. That is the one that people will see when they browse search results or your pet list. You need it to be not only a great photo, but something that both showcases the pet properly and grabs people’s attention. These collages stand out because they do all three of those things: the photography is excellent and they provide a good snapshot of the dog while standing out on a search list due to their format.

What are some other creative ways you can break out of the constraints of a single photo?


This one of Joli is awesome and looks like it could be a promotional flyer for the rescue itself. The filter used here works nicely with her texturing.