Outreach question of the week

by Susan Greene

Once each week we will feature a common question we receive in our Outreach@Petfinder.com email inbox that we feel would be of interest to all members.

“We’re seeing several ads featuring our pets on eBay Classifieds. Is this something Petfinder is doing with our pets?”

Petfinder shares data with several partner sites, including the iPhone and Android Petfinder apps, The Shelter Pet Project, Vast, Oodle, eBay Classifeds (Kijiji in Canada), Petco kiosks, and others, to reach different audiences and encourage them to adopt rather than buy a pet. If just a fraction of these people learn about adoption, many more pet lives will be saved.

Some members are able to rise to the challenge of introducing these new audiences to the idea of adopting a pet. Other members prefer their pets only appear on Petfinder. These members may not have the staff or volunteers at this time to devote to educating people who may be entirely unfamiliar with adoption when they inquire about a pet. We therefore give members the option of choosing to share their pet data.

“Share Pet List” determines where your pets appear

If members wish to opt out, there is a box in your account where you have given permission for data sharing. Log into your account at https://pro.petfinder.com and click on “Organization Info”. At the bottom left you will see a section titled “Share Pet List” with two boxes with options to share your data. You may check one, both, or uncheck both. Click the “?” in the upper right corner to learn more about the feature. Be sure to click the green “update” button to save your changes. Because the upload to partner sites usually occurs only once a day, it may take a few days before your pets are removed from the other locations.

“Partner Sites” include sites that have adoptable pet searches which feature only Petfinder pets (such as Petco, Pedigree, Iams Home 4 the Holidays and Zootoo) as well as sites that feature Petfinder pets alongside pets uploaded by individuals (the classifieds sites Oodle.com, Vast.com and eBay Classifieds).

The Shelter Pet Project uses the Petfinder “API”

API Users (“Application-Programming Interface”) are partners who create more customized interfaces with our data, including major national sites (such as The Shelter Pet Project) and individual developers who work on smaller sites with less traffic.

We have many hundreds of partners and API users. Partners may use Petfinder data in contests that benefit Petfinder member groups or to highlight special adoption promotions, so applications featuring Petfinder pets may change.