Outreach question of the week

by Susan Greene

Once each week we will feature a common question we receive in our Outreach@Petfinder.com email inbox that we feel would be of interest to all members.

“Why does Petfinder send us a message saying you are going to deactivate our account in two weeks because we haven’t listed any pets recently? We don’t have any changes to make at this time. Why should we log in?”

If a Petfinder member account is not logged into for 45 days, it becomes inactive. This just means the pets and your home page do not appear in the adoptable pet search and the animal welfare group search. Your password will still work and your account still exists.

We send two reminders to members if they have not updated their account: one at 30 days and one at 45 days.  If you have pets for adoption but don’t need to make changes, just log in every few weeks or any time you receive a reminder from Petfinder, click on any pet, and click Update.  Our system will see your activity and keep your account visible to the public.

Take advantage of our reminders to think: “Has it really been 30 days since I’ve logged in? Do any of my pets profiles need a spiffing up to help them get adopted?”


No need to be so surprised Pudding

Why do we even have the  ”inactivation” feature?

If idle accounts were not inactivated, there would be accounts that have been abandoned (whether permanently or temporarily) by groups that have disbanded or who may not have a volunteer to assist them at this time. Without inactivation, their pets would remain in the adoptable search permanently, even if they were no longer available for adoption.  These old listings of unavailable pets would be competing with your adoptable pets in our search engine.  It is frustrating to potential adopters who inquire about these pets and receive a reply like: “Cane was adopted four months ago” or no reply at all. Petfinder visitors may then be less likely to inquire about other pets—your pets—that still need homes!

To check to see if your account is active, just go to your Petfinder home page and click on the link to view your adoptable pets. If your pets appear, your account is active.  If they do not, they will appear again about an hour after you log in at https://pro.petfinder.com to update.

We hope that logging in once every month or so will be a worthwhile effort to give your adoptable pets the best possible exposure on Petfinder!