Petfinder wants to help you protect your community’s pets



Happy summer! In DC where I live it’s getting hot out which brings some wonderful things, but also some dangers – especially for pets. It’s why I’m so excited about our new campaign, Summer Pet Safety.

When I worked in outreach at my local shelter, I’d always get questions from people about how they could keep their pets safe in the heat or what to do when they saw dogs in cars. Well, now we’re providing you with some easily shared answers – some of which we hope will prevent problems before they start! Please feel free to share any tips and infographics that you find useful on your social media accounts, as well as on your webpages. You can also easily share straight from our Facebook page , too.

Let us know if you share anything on your blog or social media channels so that we can tweet about it and let the world know. Also, please comment and tell us if there’s anything that you’d like to see an infographic about that we don’t have. I’ll be hard at work all summer and want to make this campaign as helpful as possible. Whether it’s preventing animals from suffering heatstroke, or getting lost and ending up needing your care, all of us at Petfinder want to help you help your communities. We’re all in this together.