“Printing” to a PDF file

by Jim Chesters

Want to use the pet-list printer, but don’t have a printer available? Need to print color cage cards but your printer is B&W? Print to a pdf file that you can email, share, or take to the local print shop.

For anything that you can print, you can turn it into a PDF document.  This useful little file is great for sharing or emailing, viewing later, or even printing later if you’re currently connected to a computer without a printer.

On a Mac, when the print dialog pops up, just click on the “PDF” drop-down menu and “save as PDF”, then “save”.

On a PC, some web browsers such as Chrome have this ability built in.  In any other browser or program without such a feature built in, you’ll need to install a “PDF Print Driver”.  We recommend using CutePDF, available for free at http://www.cutepdf.com/products/cutepdf/writer.asp   Once installed, and you go to print something, you’ll see “CutePDF Writer” as one of your available “Printers”.  Click “Print” and you’ll be prompted to save to your computer (or external thumbdrive, etc).