Quick ideas for enrichment

by Sharon Kutsop


Grooming may not come to mind right away when you think of enriching the lives of shelter animals, but consider all of the benefits that come with offering well-groomed pets for adoption.

Rayne is a well-groomed adoptable cat in Easton, Pennsylvania

Keeping your pets well groomed like Rayne can give adopters a feeling that the animal is ready to become part of the family right away. Rayne is currently available for adoption https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/25334618

As compared to many pets that are not bathed prior to being put up for adoption, a freshly brushed and bathed animal can give potential adopters a stronger feeling that the animal is ready to become part of the family immediately. A pet who could use a bath and grooming but was not able to receive it may present an interpretation that the dog or cat requires work prior to being welcomed into the family. Usually, people are so excited at the idea of adopting a new friend that they just want to get them home and love them.

Glacier is available for adoption in Devore, CA

Some breeds, such as Great Pyrenees, are much more difficult to keep groomed. However, the Great Pyrenees Rescue of S. California is doing a great job with Glacier https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/24996515

In addition to presenting better at first glance, animals are a lot like people in that they feel better when they are clean. Many shelters bathe, brush and clip the nails of animals during the initial vetting and evaluation process. This level of handling can also identify hidden lumps or wounds which a veterinarian can examine prior to adoption.

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