Outreach question of the week – Your home page

by Susan Greene

“How do I add content to my Petfinder Home Page?”

Petfinder provides each member organization with a Home Page to post their adoption procedures, adoption fees and other information about their group. Some members use their Home Page as their main organization web page. Others use it as a basic information page and also include the web address for their organization’s web page located elsewhere on in the Internet.

It is very important to have current content on your Petfinder Home Page. When visitors find a pet they are interested in adopting, or they search on Petfinder by Pet-Adoption Groups, they can quickly learn what will be expected of them when they inquire about a pet from your shelter or rescue group.

Members have two home page options. Log in at https://pro.petfinder.com and click on “Home Page Mgr” to view them.

Just add text and a logo in Simple Set Up

 “Simple Set Up” is a non-HTML home page. In “Home Page Mgr” click on “Simple Set Up.” Just type in your content, upload your logo (or a photo of one of your pets if you don’t have a logo) and click “Update.” Your group name, public address and thumbnail images of some of your pets are already included. You will see checkbox options in the Simple Set Up section called “Promote Animals and Events.” Here you can choose to have links to your adoptable animal Pet List, your Happy Tails (adopted pets) and Events included on your Simple Set Up home page.

“Advanced Set Up” is an HTML editor. In “Home Page Mgr” click on “Advanced Set Up.” If you have a staff member, volunteer, or webmaster familiar with HTML coding, they can create a web page that is as simple or as fancy as you wish.

In both options, there is a “Preview” button to check your changes before clicking Update.

To choose the home page option you wish to have visible to the public, click on “Advanced Set Up.” You will see a small check box that states “Yes, override my default home page with custom HTML”  Check this box to have your Advanced Set Up HTML home page appear to the public.. To have Simple Set Up appear instead, make sure the box is unchecked. Be sure to click “Update” after making this change. You can type and save content in both editors, but only the editor option you have chosen will appear to the public.  If you would like to build a more-complex home page in the Advanced Set Up but it will take some time to finish, just create a quick home page in Simple Set Up, and then work on Advanced Set Up as you have time. Be sure to save your changes! When your Advanced home page is complete, just check the “Yes, override…” box and click “Update.” There will be a short delay before it appears to the public.

If you would like to have a multi-page web site hosted by Petfinder, or you would like to have your adoption application or other forms available to the public, you can request even more space, entirely for free! You can request Petfinder web site hosting here: https://pro.petfinder.com/?page_id=665

Is there content on your home page–and is it up-to-date? Check it today!

St. Catherines Pets Alive uses Simple Set Up

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