Protect pets — educate the public!



In DC, our public transport system has a slogan: “See something, say something.” It’s  meant to encourage people to report suspicious bags or talk to security guards if there are suspicious people. The idea is that if we’re all aware of our surroundings and willing to step up and say something, rather than assume someone else will, everyone will be safer. It applies to pets as well. Be sure your community knows how to keep pets safe by sharing the infographic below.

Click on the image to read more and get an easy-to-use embed code to put the infographic on your website or blog.


A few years ago, a man left his two dogs in his car while exploring a museum on the National Mall. Although one dog was saved, the other passed away because of the heat. It’s an incident that has stuck with me and reminded me to always speak up.

I’ve waited for animal control, keeping a close eye on the dog in the car to see if he starts to pant. I’ve broken off from groups of friends to see if there is a person waiting with a dog in a parked car (thankfully, at least in my neighborhood, usually someone has stayed with the dog). I know some people would prefer that I didn’t get involved and insist that really, I should just trust that people know what they’re doing. Any time I start to be tempted to not say something though, I remember those dogs in a parked car on the National Mall. Tons of tourists must have walked by that car, assuming that the dogs’ guardian was responsible and knew what he was doing. It’s a good thing that someone called in the report.

I hope that you’ll share this infographic on your group’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest, and as physical flyers. We all need to look out for pets and make the call to save their lives.