Outreach question of the week – Animals with “No Recent Activity”

by Susan Greene

“When I log into my Petfinder admin account you show me some of  my pet records with ‘no recent activity’  in the far right column. I understand why you show me the most recent pets I’ve uploaded and the ones that were just adopted, but why the oldest records? What’s up with that?”

Is it time to update your profiles?

The pets listed as “Animals with no Recent Activity” on your Dashboard aren’t the oldest adoptable records in your account. They are the pet profiles that, out of all the adoptable pets on your pet list, haven’t been updated in the longest while.

Why would we show you that? Perhaps those pets need a second look!  Perhaps they could use an updated photo, a spiffed-up bio, or a video. Maybe “Captain Tiny Cat” was a kitten four months ago, but he’s a big handsome fellow now and you should be targeting adopters looking for a young adult cat rather than a tiny kitten.

Here are some past tips from the Pro Blog to help you out:

When you log into your account, take some time to click on those pets in the far right column. May be new photograph, revitalized information, or a great new video would help that pet find a home!