Outreach question of the week – “How do I find…”

by Susan Greene

We are frequently contacted by members who recall a certain “something” they saw or heard about on Petfinder but aren’t sure where to find it.

When members arrive on the Petfinder Pro page, they often focus on the log-in fields to get into their member account as quickly as possible.  There is a world of other resources on the page as well.

Have you checked out the navigation bar on the Petfinder Pro page at https://pro.petfinder.com?

If you have a minute now, take a look!

Above the log-in fields on that page, you’ll see five general categories. Here is a very brief summary of what they contain:

Marketing Pets for Adoption will take you to a large number of tools to help you market your pets both online and offline. Widgets like the Pet List Scroller  and the Featured Pet Module can feature your pets on any web page, as well as on Facebook. With the Pet List Printer you can create cage cards and flyers to help advertise your pets in hard-copy format.

Using Petfinder will provide you with information on our Help Pages, access to your Pet List Statistics, our member Code of Conduct and a mailer to reach us here at Outreach

For Adopters provides vital resources you can make available to your adopters. They make adopting from your group more attractive, and also help support your adopted pets after they find a new home, like our FurKeeps campaign, including our ChipFurKeeps free microchip replenishment program with HomeAgain, and Insure Furkeeps with PetFirst,

For Members provides countless resources that will help you with your work in sheltering, rescue and adoption. You’ll find information on posting events, our Adoption Options workshops, our Software Guide, and more. Check it out!

The Petfinder Pro Blog (which are you are reading now) is our new addition to help us communicate with your, our members.The blog enables us quickly share new resources and opportunities, as well as add a bit of fun now and then.

These resources will be updated and expanded, so take a peek now and then to see what’s changed!

You’ll also find a link to join us on Facebook and Twitter in the right top corner of the Petfinder Pro page.

Don’t let the Petfinder Pro web page be just  a jump-step to your member account. It’s far more than that. Give us a visit to see what’s there, so the next time you wonder “Where is that thing I saw?” you’ll know right where to look!