Dognition Shelter Program is fun and rewarding

by Sharon Kutsop

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If you have not experienced it yet, the Dognition testing is a blast. After completing the testing with my dog, I have a much better understanding of how he thinks and processes information. The program assesses each dog as an individual to highlight exactly what makes that dog special and unique while explaining to you how they learn and think. With this information, you are able to complete a plan which is specific to their learning patterns for optimal results. Through a series of science-based games you can gain insight into how the dog makes choices and how he reasons.

Dognition has recently partnered with Petfinder to begin a shelter program focused on placing dogs which are commonly overlooked, such as black dogs or less adoptable breeds. The pilot program is currently in process with 12 Petfinder members participating across the United States. As one of the pilot program participants, Spartanburg Humane Society was able to use the Dognition program as an activity in its camp program with teenagers. The campers were able to “assess a camper dog” and their first dog adopted through this pilot program was a camper dog. What a great and inventive way to utilize the program!

NY118 Town of North Hampstead Shelter Connection Ebony the Pit Bull

Ebony the black Pit Bull is available for adoption from the Town of North Hampstead/Shelter Connection in NY. They are currently utilizing the Dognition pilot program.

If you are interested in receiving more information on the Dognition Adoption Program when it officially launches, please email You can also read more about the program here