Clearing your cache

by Jim Chesters

When you visit a website in your browser for the first time your browser saves a copy of that site in a cache. When you visit the site again the browser can then just pull up the copy it saved in your cache, instead of requesting the page all over again from the server and downloading it. This saves on bandwidth and speeds up your web browsing. Sometimes when a page changes though and you want to get the most current version instead of waiting for your cached version to expire. This is when you need to clear out your browser’s cache.

With the recent changes to Petfinder’s search, we are updating constantly and fixing bugs and making improvements, so if you run into an issue it may have been fixed already. So clearing the cache may be all you need to do to get things working again. Here is how to do this for each web browser.


On Windows versions of Chrome click the three vertical lines by the address bar and go to Tools, then Clear Browsing Data. On a Mac click on Chrome in the menu bar, then Clear Browsing Data.

In the Clear Browsing Data window set the time frame to “the beginning of time” then check “Empty the Cache” and click the button to Clear browsing data.





IE 9

In IE 9 click on the Settings gear then select Internet Options. Under the General tab click Delete and check the Temporary Internet Files option then click again to delete.



In Firefox first head to the Firefox menu, select History, then select Clear Recent History.

Set the time range to Everything and then check the box for Cache and click the Clear Now button.









For Safari go to Safari in the menu bar and select Preferences. Click on the Privacy tab and the click Remove All Website Data.


For more detailed instructions, and for other browser versions see:’s-Cache

If you have questions or need help please contact us.