Great Pet Descriptions: Chloe

by Jim Chesters

Meet Chloe. She’s a cute little chihuahua mix from Animal Aid Inc in Oregon.


Animal Aid also used a fun technique for Chole’s description: writing in the pet’s 1st person perspective. This is a good way to show off the pet’s personality and can be a good technique to help break the writer’s block that can come with describing your adoptable pets, even if you don’t publish it from the pet’s perspective.

They also do a few other things I like: they highlight all Chole’s positive traits first, and then when it comes to some of the things she needs help with or that could be seen as negative traits they are careful not to cast them in a negative light. She’s “not fond of strangers whether they’re people or dogs on walks.” And this is such a more positive description than saying something like “fearful of people and dogs” or “does not like to be around people and dogs.”

Check out her full description below or by visiting Chole here:

“Are you looking for a friend? Well so am I! Someone to walk on the beach with? Me too! How about a cuddle on the couch and someone who will listen and not judge you? So am I! We have so much in common I’m sure we could even be BFF! I’m not looking for just anyone. Someone who will appreciate my protective nature (no door bells needed!)! I’m not only a little cutie with my curled tail and big brown eyes, I have substance and intelligence! I have learned the basics like sit, down and would love to continue learning new things.

My foster mom says I would be a really good agility, flyball or jogging partner! I’ve got these long bouncy legs and boy can I jump! I’ve gotten a good start in my foster home and already have mastered crate training.

So you have to wonder why I’m a Heartstrings dog since I’m smart, cute, healthy, house trained and a loyal companion. I’ve got one teensy tiny flaw. I’m not fond of strangers whether they’re people (big and small) or dogs on walks. Actually I’m more scared than anything else so I’m not like those other silly types of dogs that slobber all over you at the first minute they meet you. I am very discriminating on where I put my affections. You will never get jealous or wonder about my intentions because once we’ve made a commitment to happy ever after, I’m yours!”