Great Pet Pics: Quick Tips

by Jim Chesters

Although you should always strive for taking the best photos you can, sometimes you do have to make do with what you got. Time, weather conditions, equipment, there is a limitless number of reasons that may prevent you from getting the perfect setting for your shots. You still want to get exposure for your pets so getting their picture out there is priority.

Check out Baby from Best Friends of Pets for proof that you can get a great pet pic in your standard shelter setting.

So here are some simple tips to keep in mind that can help improve any pet photo.

Don’t use the flash. Use any source of natural light if you can, and if not then use the lighting in the room. A flash will cause red eye and create a harsh looking photo. It will likely frighten your pet too.

Focus on the eyes.  The one element you want the sharpest is the pet’s eyes. They are the most expressive feature your pet has so keep the focus on them to make them as sharp as you can get.

Get on their level. In most cases, a photo taken standing over a dog or cat can create a depressing image. It makes them appear small and they will often be looking up, afraid. Instead kneel or lie down and take the picture from their level.

Give them time to relax. You want to get their photos up as quickly as possible to give them the best chance, but when a pet has first arrived they will be anxious and frightened and this will come out in their picture. Give them a few hours or a day to get adjusted so you can get a photo of a calmer and happier looking pet.

Use treats. The oldest rick in the book for getting your pet to do what you need right? It works for getting a good photo as well. Hold a treat out next to your camera and reward them when you get the shot.

Open the cage. There is nothing wrong with needing to take a picture of your pet in a crate or cage or run, but do your best to avoid putting any bars between the animal and your camera.

Any other quick and easy tips you live by? Share them in the comments!