Outreach question of the week – Adding a logo

by Susan Greene

Can I add a logo to my Petfinder home page?

The Philly Kitty has a clear, colorful logo

Adding a logo to your Home Page in Simple Set Up is, well, simple! Log into your account at https://pro.petfinder.com and click on the blue “Home Page Manager” tab.  Scroll down to “Add a Logo.” You will upload the logo the same way you would a photograph to your pet profiles. First, be sure you have the logo saved on your computer, CD, or thumb drive. Click on the “Add Logo” button and then on “Add File” in the pop-up box that will appear. Locate your file, double-click the file name, choose “Open” (or “Insert” or similar), and then click “Upload” in the pop-up box. The maximum size accepted is 8MB.

Adding your logo makes your home page stand out among the other pages on Petfinder. Don’t have a logo? Upload a great photo of one of your adoptable or adopted pets instead! Don’t miss this easy opportunity to help your visitors admire your page and give it an identity that is all your own.