Great Pet Pics: Videos!

by Jim Chesters

Have you thought about taking videos of your pets? It’s really easy now to record a video on your smartphone and upload it to YouTube. Once that’s done all you have to do is copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it to your pet’s profile in your Petfinder admin panel. A simple 30 or 60 second video of your pets at play or just hanging out can add a another whole dimension to their profile and really showcase their personality. Just take a look at Danielle from Red Collar Rescue in this cute 30 second video of her playing with her Kong in the yard.

With software like iMovie or Microsoft’s Movie Maker you can add in some music, text and edit clips together like Ebony from Bideawee. Best part is, these programs are typically free and come installed on your computer. We will be going over how to easily edit videos in a future post, but it’s easy to learn and you can be making clips like this in no time.

For some inspiration as to just how effective a video could be on a pet profile, check out this fantastic one about Perry‘s rescue and journey to Bill Foundation. It’s like a mini documentary about this sweet little guy and tells a powerful story about him that any adopter would love.