Helping Out: Dogs for Vets

by Jim Chesters

Several weeks ago I was able to attend the Best Friends conference down in Jacksonville, Florida. It was an inspiring few days and if any of you ever get the opportunity to attend their conference I would certainly recommend it.

While we were there we had the chance to meet some of the human and canine members of this amazing group called K9s for Warriors. They help train and place dogs with veterans who suffer from PTSD. They’re not the only group of their kind out there. Pets for Vets, Soldier’s Best Friend and many more great organizations are helping our veterans with service animals.

Image from the K9s for Warriors Facebook page

What is also important about them and many of these other organizations is that they not only understand and are working to help both veterans in need, but also animals. They recognize the importance of saving rescue and shelter dogs when they look for dogs to put through their service animal training.

As an adoption agency, have you ever worked with a charity or group like one of these who is looking to adopt rescue dogs for another purpose? What other interesting adoptions have you had?