New and Improved Sponsor A Pet Program Now Available!

by Jim Chesters

We’re excited to announce the Petfinder and Petfinder Foundation Sponsor A Pet program has recently re-launched with new-and-improved features!  As many of you know, the Sponsor A Pet program has been a part of Petfinder for a long time. Thanks to the help from our friends at the Petfinder Foundation, we have been able to offer a program for Petfinder members to utilize their pet profile pages to help raise funds to support the care and feeding of the homeless pets in their care.

With the launch of the new search on Petfinder we were able to make some enhancements to the program to make it even better and easier for Petfinder members to participate! If you don’t already participate and would like to, please visit to sign up.

The Sponsor A Pet program is a simple way to fund-raise from your pet profile pages. It allows visitors from anywhere to donate to your organization in that pet’s name. When someone has found a homeless pet that has touched their heart, but they are unable to provide that pet their forever home, this program gives them the avenue to help. By clicking on the Sponsor Me button located on your pet profile pages they can make a donation to your organization to help the pets in your care.

You will be able to update your organization’s contact information at any time easily and quickly without having to reach out to anyone at Petfinder or the Petfinder Foundation.  Note that this contact information is separate from your Petfinder Admin System account.

The Petfinder Foundation retains a 10% administration fee for donations made on participating member’s pages. This grant administration fee is used to cover the costs associated with administering the program and is set as low as possible to just cover the costs.

You can run donation reports at any time to see the details on current donations as well as previous quarters’ donations. These reports will include information on what donations were made to your organization, which pets the donors sponsored, donors contact information (if they have elected to share that) and more!

Donations will be distributed to your organization via a mailed check. Donations will be collected by the Petfinder Foundation and distributed once a quarter, approximately 15 days after the end of each quarter. To ensure that the Petfinder Foundation has your proper mailing address, please keep your records updated. The check will be made out to the organization name that we have on file. The donations will be distributed on a quarterly basis, using the following schedule:

    • Q1: Donations made from Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 will be mailed to you in April.
    • Q2: Donations made from Apr. 1 – Jun. 30 will be mailed to you in July.
    • Q3: Donations made from Jul. 1 – Sept. 30 will be mailed to you in October.
    • Q4: Donations made from Oct. 1 – Dec. 31 will be mailed to you in January.

If you would like your organization to participate in the Sponsor A Pet program, please visit and complete all of the fields under Register Your Organization.  If you have questions about enrolling in the program, please contact the Petfinder Foundation at or take a look at our Sponsor A Pet FAQs.