Getting a Google Alert

by Jim Chesters

Have you set up a Google Alert for your shelter or rescue? Having a Google Alert is a real simple way to stay on top of what people are saying about your organization.

What a Google Alert does is notify you whenever a new result for a search term that you specify shows up on Google. So if you enter the name of your organization into one, you will receive a notification each time it comes up in a new place. This can be helpful for staying on top of information and being proactive about outreach and customer service. So next time someone writes a blog post saying they saw a really cute cat at your shelter, you can leave a comment on on their blog telling them to come back and play with her again and maybe win over a potential adopter.

Setting one up is simple. You just need to have a Google Gmail account, then head over to Fill in the search query you want to create an alert for and remember to use quotes around your query if it is multiple words and you want Google to search for that exact term. Fill out the rest of the information, selecting how often you want to be alerted and how many you want to get, submit and you’re done.

If your group uses these alerts let us know in the comments what ways you find them helpful!