Highlighting Your Events

by Jim Chesters

Spring has got to be just around the corner by now, and that means it will be time to start ramping up adoption events, fundraisers and all sorts of other activities for your shelter or rescue. When you do so make sure your events are getting seen by as many people as possible by posting them to social media and on Petfinder.

Facebook is really one of the best ways to stay engaged with your supporters and promote your organization online. If you’re not on Facebook and you can, you should take some time to set yourself up with a page. And if you are on Facebook, you should use their Events tool to promote your upcoming events.

When you are on your organization’s Facebook page their are two quick ways to add an event. One way is to head to the entry field where you would post a new status update and click on “Offer, Event +” and select Event from the drop down. This will take you right to the new event window.

Adding an event on Facebook

Adding an event on Facebook is super easy, just follow the prompts and you’re all set. They even help you out by finding your location’s Facebook profile to provide an easy map to the location and so you can cross-promote with the location.

You can also list your events on Petfinder. To do this sign in to your Petfinder Admin System and click on the Events tab. Click Add New and follow the prompts here as well. Setting your event to “Public” will allow it to be shown on the Petfinder Event Calendar in your region.