Outreach question of the week: What’s in a name?

by Susan Greene

We often receive questions from new registrants about what to name their adoption start-up. With over 13,000 adoption groups posting on Petfinder, what do you think are the most popular organization names?

There are a number of good candidates. Groups who include “Humane Society” (1111 Petfinder members) or “SPCA”  (250 members) in their name are the most numerous. They are the most frequent titles as well as some of the oldest, including organizations that are fifty to a hundred years old. While the public often mistakenly assumes that all groups with “SPCA” or “Humane Society” in their name are part of one national organization, they are in fact each independent of one another.

Outside the circle of venerable “Humane Societies” and  “SPCAs”  there is a clear favorite.

111 Petfinder members have “Second Chance” in their name


“Second Chance” is the next most popular group name on Petfinder, with 111 organizations. If you add in the 16 groups who choose to abbreviate their name as “2nd Chance,” the number goes up to 127. There are probably a lot more members who would have chosen to add Second Chance to their name if they hadn’t run the name through an online search engine and discovered how many were already out there!

While most of the names of shelters and rescue groups are quite unique, many of them still have some commonality. Giving all needy pets a great chance at a loving home is what adoption is all about. In fact, 177 groups on Petfinder have the single word “Chance” included in their title.

That’s not all! 591 of you have “Paws” in your name. 45 groups have included “Ruff.” 41 of you think “Purrfect” or “Purr-Fect”  is just perfect for you. You also believe that to “Begin” (40) is a great start. We have lots of “Friends” (472) as well, and 20 of you want to let the public know your adoptable pets will be their very “Best Friends.” 151 of you know your pets are “Angels.” 244 of you “Care.”  20 of you have “Faith.” 74 of you have pets who are “Happy” to find new homes. 18 of you provide your pets with a “New Leash” on life. 210 of you have “Heart.” 52 of you know the pets in your care are “Lucky” to be with you.  And of course, 195 of you have “Love” in your names—the most powerful word of all.

However you choose to title your adoption effort, our members are all united in one purpose: to find steady and loving homes for the animals in our care. As 2013 draws to a close, you all deserve a “purrfect” ending to the “ruff” work you do. Thank you all!