Add an Address to Your Facebook Page

by Jim Chesters

There is one simple change you can make to your Facebook page that can create a significant difference: adding your actual address.

Adding an address to your Facebook page opens up a couple useful new features for visitors. First, it let’s them map your location to help make a physical visit easier. On top of that however it also allows visitors to use the Facebook check-in feature to “check-in” to your organization. This shares with all that person’s friends that they visited your location.

It also opens up one more important feature: it let’s visitors rate and write a review for your group. These reviews show up on your page and can provide very helpful free promotion, legitimacy and assurance to new visitors.

Unlocking all this by just adding your address is simple! Here’s how:

  1. When signed in to your Facebook account visit your page and click the Update Page Info button, or click Edit Page and select Update Page Info here.
  2. On the Page Info tab fine the Address section and click Edit.
  3. Enter your address and then click Save Changes
It can take several hours for Facebook to update with your location, but you should see these new features opening up and hopefully providing more levels for visitors to engage and interact with your group on Facebook.