Great Pet Pics: Adding Text

by Jim Chesters

Today we check out a fun way to combine both a great pic and a great description. Here’s Juliette from Charm City Animal Rescue. Juliette’s picture, while technically great and beautiful, adds another fun element by putting a short, fun description of her personality on the picture.

Charm City Animal Rescue also had some more fun with her description: they reworked it into the lyrics of a song.

This encourages sharing of the photo across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This doesn’t need to be an idea you apply to every pet image you upload, but having some fun with a few can help get your picture out there and possibly even help one of your pets go viral. Make sure you include at least a mention or URL of your group so someone can find a way back if interested.

Text can be added easily in programs like Photoshop. To make white text pop out more, add a drop shadow to the text layer.

So without further adieu, here’s Juliette!