It’s easy to fundraise through Sponsor a Pet!

by Karen Hollish

You’ve posted an adorable picture of an adoptable pet to Petfinder and crafted a charming description of his personality, too. What if the person perusing his profile is smitten, but isn’t quite ready or able to adopt? If you’re enrolled in the Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor a Pet program, they can click the green “Sponsor Me” button and donate to your organization on behalf of that pet!

Through the Sponsor a Pet program, supporters of Mitchell County Animal Rescue in Spruce Pine, N.C., can donate to help pets like Bones even if they aren’t able to adopt.

The Sponsor a Pet program is a super-easy way to fundraise for your organization using your Petfinder pet pages. All you need to do to participate is complete this simple form, and the Petfinder Foundation will take care of the rest.

As a 501c3 charity that’s solely devoted to helping Petfinder members save more pets, the Petfinder Foundation will collect your donations and disburse them to you on a quarterly basis. As long as your donors wish to share their contact information, you’ll have access to that, too – so you can solicit them directly in the future!

The Petfinder Foundation will retain 10 percent of your donations to cover the administrative cost of running the program, and you can read about the program’s other terms and conditions here.


The Sponsor a Pet program has helped Petfinder members like the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, Mass., save pets like Ginger (at right). This 10-year-old girl was suffering from eye cancer when she came to the group. With help from our Sponsor a Pet grant, the group was able to diagnose Ginger’s condition, remove her painful eye and find her a fantastic home in which to live out her senior years. (Read Ginger’s whole story here.)

The program also helped Mitchell County Animal Rescue in Spruce Pine, N.C., reduce the adoption fee for Noodle (below), a frightened Chihuahua, and find him a home with a woman who’d just lost her 19-year-old dog.

“I called and told her Noodle needed her,” Executive Director Patricia Beam tells us. “She felt she would betray the dog she buried. So I asked her to foster. She wanted him in less than two hours.” (Read Noodle’s whole story here.)


The Sponsor a Pet program is an easy-to-snag fundraising opportunity you should seize right away. Once you do, head over to the Petfinder Foundation’s Grant Opportunities page to see what more we can do to help you. We’d love to support your great work!

Complete the Sponsor a Pet application.

Read our Sponsor a Pet terms and conditions and check out our list of the top Sponsor a Pet FAQs.

See all of the Petfinder Foundation’s current grant opportunities.

Karen Hollish is the Program Marketing Manager at the Petfinder Foundation. To find out more about the foundation please visit