Member videos featuring cat enrichment ideas

by Sharon Kutsop


It’s always great to see our members doing enrichment videos and sharing them with others! This week, while searching YouTube for videos from Petfinder members, I came across two nice cat enrichment videos which were informative enough to share. They are simple, but still fun for volunteers.

The first video came from Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter in Massachusetts. For this one, as you will see, all you need are some donated items people usually toss out: an egg carton, paper cups, toilet paper rolls, and, of course, treats!

The second video for today was posted by Casa Del Toro Kennel Enrichment Program at Indianapolis Animal Care & Control. Their video features a lovely volunteer who works with others to enrich the lives of animals at the shelter. While viewing their video, please keep in mind that you can also halve the eggs to fill with wet food and make kitty Kongs!

If you have additional ideas, please post them below and share the information. Keeping cats happy in the shelter is vital to finding them new homes. Good luck!