Unique Fundraisers: Sean Casey Animal Rescue

by Jim Chesters

Sean Casey Animal Rescue has been helping New York City’s homeless animals since 1998 out of their two Brooklyn locations. When they needed a little help fundraising they teamed up with a rescued cat and a clothing company as they announced on their Facebook page recently.

Choonimals clothing designed a t-shirt featuring the face of Princess Monster Truck, an adorable rescued cat climbing the ladder of kitty internet celebrity. The shirts are on sale on Choonimals website with all proceeds going to help Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

With the popularity of social media, and the never-ending demand for cute animals, could other groups repeat this kind of promotion? What interesting, unique or out-right adorable pets have you had at your group that have been adopted?

Staying connected to your adopters on places like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is one way to see how your rescued pets are doing. People love to share their pets and when they adopt from you they are becoming part of your family as well. You never know when one of your adopted pets will gather Internet celebrity and the adopters would probably be more than happy to share that love with the organization who brought such joy to them.

Approaching this type of promotion from the other side: have you made connections with designers or artists? Some of your volunteers or adopters probably are or have them. How can you use these people to create promotion material like t-shirts, stickers and graphics?

Animal Alliance of NJ is fundraising to fight animal abuse thanks to the help of another t-shirt artist and a cute survivor named Justin