Pet Pics: Going for the Fantastical

by Jim Chesters

How can you capture the magic and splendor of your adoptable pets in a simple photograph? Sarolta Bán, a Budapest-based visual artist, is using her art to try to do that.

Bán has started a new project she is calling Help Dogs With Images to help create stunning works of art with shelter dogs and cats and help them stand out to find forever homes.

“Abandoned dogs sadly have really few chances to appear on a photo that will help them get out of the shelter. A photo that stands out from the crowd, and ‘speaks’ to a person,” she says on her Facebook page.

In this project she is taking photos of pets waiting to be adopted and compiling them into digital works of art showing the pets in fantastic and surreal settings.

She is accepting submissions of pets in need on her Facebook page to create more photo montages. Those images can then be shared on Facebook and used to promote the pet and the group. In addition, as a nice gift, the adopter of the pet will receive a free printed copy of the image!

Check out Sarlota Bán’s Facebook page for more information on the Help Dogs With Images project and to submit your own adoptable pets. Maybe you will see one of yours in a work of art.