Social Media Outreach Saving Disabled Pets

by Jim Chesters

In what seems to be thanks to social media sharing by animal rescues and shelters, more and more disabled and special needs pets are finding forever homes. This article comes out of the East Bay Express and was shared by our friends over at Maddie’s Fund on their blog.

“a 2012 survey about pet adoption commissioned by PetSmart Charities found that although “the desire to save an animal is still the strongest expressed driver of adoption … the frequency with which online pictures of adoptable pets are cited is noteworthy.” In 2011, 21 percent of people surveyed said that the reason they adopted a pet was because they saw its photo online — the second most-popular reason cited.”

Hope is a special needs dog from NJ.

With the reach of social media you can find more and more people who are likely to bond with a special needs pet. You are also able to tell each pet’s story more than ever before and to a much larger audience.

“Hendel related the story of a dog with a deformed front leg that arrived at Animal Care Services in San Antonio, where he previously served as director. “He wasn’t a highly adoptable dog, and we thought, ‘Geez, what are his chances of getting a home?'”

But then the staff at the municipal shelter named the dog “Tiny Tim” and sent out a press release asking for donations for help pay for surgery to repair its leg. They received $16,000 — far more than they had anticipated, and enough to start a permanent fund for animals that needed special medical care.”

Check out the rest of the article here and share any successes you’ve had like this in the comments!

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