Why are some buttons grayed out in my Admin account?

by Susan Greene

When I log into our Petfinder member admin account at https://pro.petfinder.com some buttons are grayed out for me and tabs other people say they can see, I cannot. How do I fix this?

Member (“Admin”) accounts have a section called “Contacts”, where the Primary Contact person for your group can add additional group members to help assist with work inside the account. These tasks might include posting new pets, updating existing pet records, adding events, working on the home page, etc. 

Each person’s individual Contact listing has a section called “Permissions.” The Primary Contact person can give each new Contact person “Full” access so that they can do anything in the account. Or the Primary Contact person can limit new helpers to specific tasks.

The Permission settings under the Contacts tab

For example, an outside webmaster might be granted temporary access to spiff up the group’s Petfinder Home Page.  Volunteers for a municipal animal control shelter might be granted access by shelter staff to add and edit new pets. The shelter might prefer to keep other tasks, like deleting pets or adding information to the home page, under their own direct control. 

The “Permissions” option gives the Primary Contact person more flexibility in allowing more people into the Petfinder account to assist with posting duties, without being required to give up control over functions they would prefer to keep secure.

If a button–like “Delete” in a pet’s record–is grayed out when you are inside your organization’s Petfinder account, you probably do not have permission as a Contact to delete pets. Check with your group’s Primary Contact person if you feel you need more access to work in the account.

If you are the Primary Contact person and wish to change the permission level for another Contact, click on the blue “Contacts” tab, then on the helper’s name. Check the appropriate boxes in the Permission’s fields. Be sure to save your changes!

You can learn more about managing Contacts, and adding new Contact people to your member Admin account, via our Help pages for the Member Admin System at https://pro.petfinder.com/help-center/