Bring Your Adoptable Pets to Tractor Supply on May 31 for Purina Days

by Jim Chesters

Tractor Supply wants to host your adoptable pets on Saturday, May 31! Tractor Supply Company will be hosting its Purina Days event at all Tractor Supply and Del’s stores May 26 –June 1, culminating on Saturday, May 31 with events at every store. This event will feature free activities to celebrate your animals, adoptions, demos, and fun giveaways!

Petfinder is partnering with Tractor Supply to help match our shelter and rescue group members and their adoptable pets to each Tractor Supply location.  Bringing your adoptable pets to Tractor Supply on 5/31 gives you another outlet for showcasing your animals to potential adopters.

To register to participate in the Purina Days event at Tractor Supply:

Step 1: Visit and go to the Event Partners Page.  In the Pacific Northwest, check for Del’s locations at

Step 2: Register to be a part of this great Purina Days event at your local store.

Step 3: Immediately upon completing your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the store manager. At that time, you will contact the store manager to confirm the scheduling and details for your event.

Step 4: Click on any of the images in this post to open them full size. You can then save that image (right click on it and select ‘save as’) and use it to promote your participation in Purina Days. Use the banner images to make a header for your website, Twitter or Facebook pages. You can print up the poster image and use the spaces provided to fill in your own details.

Click to open and save full size

Click to open and save full size