Enrichment Tips from The Center for Shelter Dogs

by Sharon Kutsop

The Animal Rescue League of Boston has long been providing excellent service to the animals in their care as well as posting information which assists other organizations in improving the assessment and well-being of their adoptable pets. The Center for Shelter Dogs is an outstanding program of the ARL of Boston.

Benny the Dog from ARL of Boston

Benny is an adoptable dog being sheltered at the Animal Rescue League of Boston

The Center for Shelter Dogs hosts a site with articles, videos, tips as well as PDF files available for download. You can visit their Dog Welfare Entertainment page to review plenty of helpful and interesting information that can benefit your pets. There are a variety of areas covered, including playing with other dogs, playing with people, playing alone and more! You’ll find information on everything from reading body language to teaching dogs about spending appropriate quiet time with people in a variety of different settings.

While visiting their site, be sure to also check out the pages on Dog Behavior Analysis and Rehab, Research and Education and visit their blog!