Ex-Easter Bunnies

by Kristen

Easter is just around the corner and with that comes an influx of rabbits into shelters and rescues.  While rabbits can make wonderful pets, they are not for everyone! As many of our members know, this often leads to thousands of ex-Easter bunnies in shelters and rescues.

Now is the time to help encourage our communities to think before obtaining a rabbit for Easter. Reminding the public that rabbits are a long term commitment and that they do require special care is a great place to start. The Humane Society of the United States has some great educational resources available for those that still choose to obtain a rabbit for Easter, making sure that they think adoption first rather than purchasing from a pet shop or breeder.

While your shelter or rescue might not normally house rabbits, it’s possible that you may find one in your care this spring. Use our available resources to help provide your rabbits with proper enrichment and good photos to help them find a loving home.

Adoptable Wingnut is an example of great pet photography

Do you find that your organization has an influx of rabbits or chicks around the Easter holiday? What adoption strategies have you tried?