Fundraise For The Kittens

by Jim Chesters

Kitten season is starting up. Are you letting your supporters know how much help you need at this busy time of year?

Our friends at the ASPCA have shared some clever ways to market kitten season to your community and supporters.

The Ashevlille Humane Society’s kitten shower invite.

Check out their Four Clever Ways to Message Kitten Season post for more ideas like this one.

Use this season to reach out to local news and media outlets as well. Cute kittens on the news is an easy story for the press, and you can use that to draw attention to your organization and reach new supporters.

Finally, as those kittens become ready to adopt and you start listing them on Petfinder, be sure to sign up for the Sponsor A Pet program so you can receive donations from Petfinder visitors.

How are you getting help this season? Share ideas in the comments.