Great Pet Descriptions: Copper

by Jim Chesters

Meet Copper. Copper is a Red Husky up for adoption at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas.

Southeast Texas can be a tough place to be a Husky. Especially in the summer. It’s pretty important that a dog like Copper go to an adopter that is aware of the challenges and the work required to properly care for him. Letting potential adopters know this early, in the pet description for example, can help filter out adopters who may not be a good match for him.

At the same time, having a description that sounds demanding or bossy can be a turn-off to an adopter.

The Petfinder description for Copper that the Humane Society of Southeast Texas wrote manages to balance that line by putting up-front the responsibility and care required and mixing in a bit of humor and a human-touch to make the description sound professional and welcoming.




This gorgeous guy is a purebred Red Husky. He is a year old, neutered and weighs about 42 pounds and will be a large dog when he is an adult. Huskies are highly intelligent dogs and get easily bored, so they must be kept busy with a variety of activities providing both mental and physical stimulation or you will have an unhappy dog on your hands. An unhappy Husky is a destructive Husky. Huskies will do well in apartments but need a large yard and lots of attention to keep them busy and “working”. He was turned in by his owner because she is getting a divorce. Copper is good with other dogs and older children (has not been around young children.) He discovered our pool and figured out he enjoyed the cool water! Keep in mind that Copper will HAVE to be an indoor dog during the hot summer months, which is from May to October and he WILL shed like crazy so don’t adopt him if you can’t handle lots of hair and a big dog in your house. He is fun, energetic, smarter than all of my dogs put together (and I can write that because my dogs can’t read) .