Great Pet Pics: Burst Mode on your iPhone

by Jim Chesters

In a previous article we talked about how using burst mode on your camera can help you capture great photos of your pets in action. The burst mode setting is typically found on SLR cameras and requires a fast shutter speed to make work. You also can use burst mode on your iPhone!

Burst mode is great for capturing action like Darwin here

To use burst mode on your iPhone all you need to do is open up your camera and click and hold the shutter button to keep capturing pictures every half second or so.

(Bonus tip: you can also use the volume buttons on your phone to take a photo.)

A good photo is capturing the “right” moment, but with pets, waiting for that moment and then reaching for your camera will often cause you to miss it. Instead get your pets playing or active and then fire away with burst mode. You’ll end up taking a lot of photos, but you’re much more likely to capture a great moment this way. Probably even one you didn’t notice as it was happening.