Outreach Mail Questions: Your Facebook Page URL

by Susan Greene

“How do I choose a Facebook web address so I can share our shelter’s Facebook Page more easily? Right now it’s just a bunch of random numbers!”

If you are still using a Facebook URL/web address with a string of numbers at the end, or you are telling supporters to just “Go to Facebook and search for our group by name,” you should customize the web address for your shelter or rescue’s Facebook Page by choosing a unique address. It will be easier for you to share and for your supporters to remember.

For example, our Facebook page URL is https://www.facebook.com/PetfinderPro

If you are an administrator of your organization’s Page, you can choose your Page web address in two ways. Log into Facebook and click on your Page name in the left rail. Choose “Edit Page” from the top navigation bar (just to the right of the Create Post button) to start, and follow the pathway below: Edit Page –> Update Page Info –> Facebook Web Address (click Edit) –> Change web address

It is best to keep your Page address as short and distinctive as possible. Don’t add long descriptions within your address (“SecondChanceRescueWeSaveShepherdsInNeed”). This is difficult for visitors to remember and may also be too long to fit onto business cards, in your email signature line, etc. If your shelter or rescue has the same name as another organization, choose a very short way to make it clear who you are (“SecondChanceRescueNY” for example).

After setting your Facebook web address, you can only change it once, so check for typos! If you have not yet chosen a unique URL for your own personal Facebook timeline (versus your organization Page), this is even easier. Go to https://www.facebook.com/username Facebook requires that you use your real name in your personal Facebook URL. If someone shares the same name as you and has chosen it for their username already, you may need to use your middle initial, state abbreviation, etc.

On that same https://www.Facebook.com/username page, you will also see a pull-down menu that allows you to choose from the Pages that you manage. You can choose your organization Page from that pull-down to assign a unique URL from there, as well.

Be sure to promote your Facebook Page URL, along with your organization’s web page URL and your Petfinder page URL every way you can. Your business cards and your email signature line are a great place to start. If you don’t yet have a unique URL for your Petfinder page, you can request one here.

Note: Facebook frequently changes! These instructions were written on 4/25/14