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  • Jun 27 , 2014

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    Human Walking Program

    There is a lot of debate over how well the ‘sad animal’ advertisements work. Do people respond better when you tug at their sympathy, or do they want ads that make them feel good? A rescue group in Melbourne, Australia called The Lost Dogs Home decided to try to flip that advertisement model on it’s head. What they came up with …

  • Jun 25 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Summer Heat Pet Safety Tips

    Summer is upon us, and many areas are feeling the effects of high heat and humidity. Here are a few quick tips on the essentials for keeping all of the animals in your care cool and safe this season. First and foremost, make sure all animals have a constant supply of cool, fresh water. You can even drop some ice cubes …

  • Jun 19 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    How to Use Petfinder to Fundraise

    Did you know that you can fundraise on Petfinder straight from your pets’ profile pages? You’ll be reaching more than 7 million potential donors each month, and there’s virtually no effort on your part. In fact, there is already a “Sponsor Me” button on each of your pets’ profile pages — but if you’re not enrolled in the Petfinder Foundation’s …

  • Jun 17 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Great Pet Pics: Macro Mode

    A blurry photo doesn’t only have to be caused by motion. Sometimes you may find that even a relatively still subject keeps coming out blurry after you photograph it, as if your camera’s focus just can’t grasp it. This can happen when you are getting real close to your subject, which is sometimes necessary for those small and furry pets. If you …

  • Jun 13 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Animal Sheltering Magazine

    Many of you are likely avid readers of Animal Sheltering magazine in print form.  After all, it is a rare publication completely dedicated to those of us the animal sheltering and rescue field.  If you are not already receiving this magazine at your home or shelter, visit to subscribe. In addition to awaiting its arrival in your mailbox, you can …

  • Jun 10 , 2014

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    Foster Kittens Get Down

    Do your foster kittens have moves like this? These foster kittens from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington are getting some massive amounts of attention as this video of them jamming out is going viral. This video is a good example of the way that your foster parents can be adoption ambassadors for your pets. Encouraging your fosters to share information, videos, …