Foster Kittens Get Down

by Jim Chesters

Do your foster kittens have moves like this?

These foster kittens from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington are getting some massive amounts of attention as this video of them jamming out is going viral.

This video is a good example of the way that your foster parents can be adoption ambassadors for your pets. Encouraging your fosters to share information, videos, pictures and more of their foster pets can help inspire these type of outcomes. You never know what can become the next viral video or internet sensation, but making it easy for your fosters to contribute can potentially unlock the next hit. One idea is to start by setting up a Facebook group or page and encourage fosters to share there. Tap into volunteer talents to promote adoptable pets!

Are you engaging with your fosters as much as you could be? This webinar from the ASPCA brings up tips on how you can tap into the incredible potential of foster parents. For more ideas, check out our recorded webinars that focus on fostering also.