An Adoption for All Holidays

by Jim Chesters

If the motto of the great salesman is “always be closing” than we can take a page (or at least two words) off of that and make the animal rescue motto “always be adopting.” This means that you should not let a single holiday slip by without using it as a way to promote your adoptable pets.

The Nevada Humane Society takes this to heart, making every holiday a day to have a special adoption promotion. From Halloween and July 4th to Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day, each holiday offer a chance to promote the organization and get pets adopted.

As summer ends and we begin to enter the fall and winter months there is no shortage of holidays on the calendar. Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Boxing Day: any holiday big or small can be used for an adoption promotion, and you should take advantage of all of them.

Even in months where the traditional holidays are few and far-between, seek out the non-traditional ones. Celebrate Senior Citizens Day on August 21 with a senior pet adoption promotion like Animal Alliance NYC’s. Brighten up Tax Day on April 15th with cheap pet adoptions like Brevard County did.

Each holiday offers a unique way to promote your pets and a chance to get the word out and get people in. Petfinder can help you do this by offering customized press for your group. Holiday’s can be slow for adoptions as people become busy, but creating an adoption campaign for each holiday keeps awareness up and can help combat that slowness.