Bring your adoptables to Tractor Supply on September 20th

by Kristen

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Tractor Supply wants to host your adoptable pets on Saturday, September 20th!


Join Petfinder in celebrating the fourth annual Pet Appreciation Week at all Tractor Supply Co. and Del’s stores in September, culminating in a nationwide adoption event Saturday 9/20 with events at every store. Petfinder is partnering to help match our shelter and rescue group members with adoptable pets to each TSC and Del’s location.

Participation means you will have yet another outlet for exposing your animals to potential families. By catering to the rural lifestyle, TSC serves a niche customer that you may not be reaching through your current efforts. Typically, these customers have land, animals and the means to provide quality care for them.


To sign up for Tractor Supply PAW event, follow these instructions:

1) Visit and click on P.A.W. Banner

2) Complete the online form and indicate which store(s) interest you

3) Immediately upon completing your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the store manager.  At that time, you will need to make contact with the manager and work out details for your event. Some stores may have space or other restrictions that may limit the ability to accommodate multiple groups. Therefore you must confirm details and scheduling with the store manager.

If you experience issues with registration, please email

Sign up today!!